Are you struggling with menopause symptoms and seeking natural solutions for optimal health and wellbeing? As a Menopause Wellness Coach and Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, I’m here to guide you on your journey to hormonal balance, improved gut health, and overall wellness. Through a personalised Metabolic Balance program, we’ll work together to optimise your metabolism, nourish your body with gut-healthy nutrition, and support you in making positive lifestyle changes. Let’s transform your health and embrace menopause with confidence and vitality!

Metabolic Balance impacting Gut Health & Weight Loss


Bespoke Program

Designed especially for you, no two programs are alike, based on information taken from your initial assessment and the unique results from a blood test.

Innovative Algorithm

Used to produce a personalised eating plan designed to naturally restore hormonal balance and ultimately your health.

Metabolic Balance®

Is a 12 week, 4 stage plan that ensures you eat three meals a day made from naturally healthy food sources.