For most people, understanding the science of nutrition can be extremely confusing. What to eat, how often to eat, low fat, high fat, high protein, to fast, not to fast…. it can all be a veritable minefield!

I personally think that Metabolic Balance®, a 12 week nutritional program created 25 years ago by Dr Funfack, a German Doctor, and his team of Nutritional Scientists, is a real game changer.

It is not a weight loss program, but rather a tailored or bespoke eating plan especially created for an individual based on the results of a blood test. Based on the analysis of 35 blood values, which include liver function, thyroid function, blood glucose levels, inflammation markers, cholesterol levels, red and white blood cell count, among many others, along with the client’s medical history and personal food likes and dislikes, the premise of Metabolic Balance ®, is to act like a personalised nutrition-based “road-map”.

Natural foods are introduced that are exactly right for the individual’s own bio-chemistry, ultimately resulting in a re-set or re-calibration of their metabolism, leading to not only weight loss, but also balanced hormones, a reversal of metabolic disorders including obesity, raised cholesterol levels, type 2 diabetes, lowered cortisol levels, a strengthened immune system and optimised health.

Metabolic Balance® is a blue-print for life, a plan tailored specifically for an individual’s epigenetics, introducing whole foods and eliminating highly processed, sugar-laden inflammatory foods, the biggest driver of disease, resulting in successful long-term improved health and weight management.

What is unique about Metabolic Balance® is the focus on regulating blood glucose levels, thereby lowering the production of the fat storage hormone insulin by the pancreas. To ensure this occurs, three meals are allowed on the plan with a mandatory five-hour break between each of the three meals, with no snacking permitted. This allows for the complete digestion of each meal to occur and for blood glucose levels to return to normal. This also allows for the metabolism to stimulated and the burning of unwanted fat stores to begin within those 5 hours without interruption. Eating every 2-3 hours causes insulin levels to stay elevated. Elevated insulin levels have a negative effect on the body’s other hormones and also results in a myriad health complications.

Metabolic Balance® was subject to a comprehensive scientific study with the results published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism. (Volume 2010, Article ID 197656. The study demonstrated the success of the Metabolic Balance® system and documented that, “adherence to the program brought significant improvements to the participants’ lab values, weight adjustment, and greatly assisted their shift to a remarkably better health-related quality of life.”

If you are unhappy with any of the following: the way you currently feel, your current weight, your general health, energy levels, mood fluctuations, digestion, immune health, skin health, sleep patterns, insatiable cravings, have a feeling that nothing is working anymore, and you have no idea what to do, Metabolic Balance® may well provide the answer.

An amazing, healthy lifestyle and a true feeling of improved well-being await. Why not arrange a 15 minute no-obligation phone call to have a chat?

Chiza Westcarr – Nutritionist and Metabolic Balance® coach.