Meal Plan for Hypersensitive and Reactive Skin


 Hyperpigmentation occurs due to improperly functioning pigment-producing cells, and diet plays a crucial role in regulating cell function. A diet rich in fresh whole foods, including dark leafy vegetables, dark berries, well-sourced protein, good fats, probiotics, and lots of water is essential. Highly processed, convenience foods lack the necessary nutrients and contain high levels of sugar, poor quality fats, and sodium, leading to inflammation and DNA damage. An antioxidant-rich diet helps neutralize the ill-effects of poor eating habits, reduce inflammation, and nourish and protect cells. Good gut health is crucial for promoting skin health, as the trillions of microbes in the gut rely on the food we eat for survival. By choosing an anti-inflammatory, nutrient-dense diet, you can support good gut health and reduce hyperpigmentation for a healthier, more radiant complexion.



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